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Empowering Your Introvert

Hey friend, I am glad you have joined me on this journey. I class myself as a thriving introvert enlightening not just introverts but anyone who wants to be empowered to thrive and be all that they are purposed to be. So welcome to my world.

Today I want to talk about empowering your introvert. Your introvert in this sense might be you, it might be your spouse, your child, a friend or colleague. Whoever it might be, you have the ability to empower yourself and others as well. As an introvert, I don’t seek for the fame, in fact I don’t like the spotlight just for the sake of it but I want validation, I mean who doesn’t. I can live very much in my head and give others space to express themselves but I want to be acknowledged. Acknowledged as a human being, acknowledged as a loving wife, as an inspiring mum, as an inspiring friend and the list goes on. Acknowledge your introvert. Call him or her out I mean not literally but intentionally acknowledge their contribution. The fact that we are okay with working in the background without being noticed is not a reason to forget that we exist. Have you ever had whitlow on your finger i.e a swelling and pain on one finger causing it to hurt so bad. Well I have and I can tell you it isn’t a child’s play. You can’t sleep, think or relax till the pain subsides. Imagine this one thing that should only affect the finger, affects the whole body. In the same light your introvert is a functional part of that family, that friendship group, that company and the human race. Empower them by acknowledging them; acknowledge their work and acknowledge their contribution; what they bring to the team. You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. Don’t keep silent on your introvert.

As an introvert, how do you empower you. You know how we tend to live in our head as deep thinkers. Well because we live in our head most of the time doesn’t mean we are bound to stay there. It might look like when we come out, something or someone will want to keep us there. But refusing to stay in the box is the key. You have a right to choose. Don’t give your power away. Don’t let others choose when you get into the thinking box and when to express yourself externally. Own it. How? Live out your purpose intentionally, take your space and occupy space because you matter. Let me tell you a story when my daughter was in a gathering where she was supposed to be having fun. Apparently they were giving easter eggs to children and my 13 year old went to get one for herself. However the volunteer giving out the easter egg refused to give her one, not sure why, apparently she looked older than her age? Her dad had to intervene and get one for her but by then my daughter was distraught and just wanted to go home. Despite the inflatables and ferris wheel available to enjoy, her mood was ruined, she just wanted to go home with tears filling her face. Well I told her what I am going to tell you now. Nobody has a right to put you in a box but you. It seems there is an imaginary box you feel safe in but when you choose to come out something or someone wants you back there, don’t let others choose when to run into the box. You are out here to have some fun, ride on the ferris wheel, have burgers, chips and enjoy your day; choose to do that. Have fun with your family. In a moment she smiled at me through those tears, wiped her eyes and went on to have fun. I made her see what was happening in her own head. Because you are a deep thinker sometimes you tend to act out the worst possible outcome of a situation by catastrophizing. Live out your purpose intentionally and don’t be put in a box.

I heard this definition of introvert and extrovert which perfectly describes it for me. An extrovert wakes up to no gold coin but the more the interact with their world, they gather their gold coin. An introvert wakes up already having the gold coin and the more they interact with their world they give out their gold coin, waiting to withdraw again to get energised and get more gold coins to interact with their world and give them out again, and the cycle continues. That is why I love my space to think, to plan, to strategise and gather my gold coins especially before the day starts. As an introvert you empower yourself by protecting your space. You empower your introvert by making space for them and protecting their space. Space to recuperate, space not to be like everyone else, space to get energised and space to think.

So how do you empower the introvert, be it you or someone else? Acknowledge them, live out your purpose intentionally and protect your space. The world needs their genius minds so let them thrive.

Until next time my friend, its your host Sylvia Nwokolo reminding you to Keep winning, thriving and shining. God bless.

Sylvia Nwokolo is a wellbeing coach and author.

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