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We all come in different shapes and sizes and do not have to look lean to be healthy. In fact, being slim does not equate to being healthy.

I do not advocate for losing weight and losing your joy, but you need to be truthful to yourself on how you feel at the moment. If you feel great with your current weight, that is good news! Keep up the great habits that have got you the result you have now.

However, if your current weight is affecting your quality of life; if it is affecting your health and well being; if it is affecting your confidence; then you should consider releasing the excess weight.

To lose weight the right way, you must go through a period of self-examination and decide for yourself the future you want.

There is a saying that: if you fight for your limitations, then you get to keep them. In other words, if you argue for all the reasons why it is not possible to release the excess weight, then you stand a slim chance of achieving success.

Would you rather stay with the results you have now because of your limiting beliefs?

Or would you rather tell yourself it is possible and take the necessary steps to get your desired results?

If you think you can’t do it, then you can’t. If you think you can, you truly can! Cos you will always act according to what you believe.

Ask yourself this; 'what am I willing to do to get the results I want?'

I encourage you today to watch my video on 'How To Train Your Mind To Lose Weight', so that you can start thinking differently leading to you taking the right steps, staying on the right track and achieving your health goals!

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” ― John Dryden

Click here to watch the video

Cheering you on!

Sylvia - Mindset for Weight Loss Coach

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