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Recently I was reminded by my 12 year old to practice what I preach.

You see this particular morning, I had to tidy the kitchen due to the mess that was made while cooking the night before, which in my argument I hadn’t made the mess.

As I cleared the sink and cleaned the work top I felt annoyed because I had all the reasons in my head why I shouldn’t be doing this now but I had to reshuffle my busy schedule to make it happen.

Suddenly I had to stop in my tracks and rebuke my thoughts! It just dawned on me what wrong I was doing.

You see the evening before, my 12 year old made cottage pie for the family from scratch without my help. She prepared the veggies, browned the mince meat and worked the oven in my absence.

We enjoyed the meal and were all surprised how delicious it was at her first attempt to make cottage pie.

However here I was grumbling to myself the next morning cos she left the kitchen in a mess and didn’t clean up as she cooked just as I would have done.

I was missing the point!

I almost failed to recognise the progress she just made - the progress in her confidence and ability to cook a meal from scratch with no help from mummy.

Instead I wanted her to be perfect all at the same time by cleaning up her mess. I wanted her to get it right the first time.

I was focusing on perfection instead of progress.

Immediately I reset my attitude and felt like the proud mama of a 12 year old making progress.

I am so glad I caught my perfection thinking, resolved this in my head and avoided turning it into a negative action or attitude towards my amazing daughter.

Are you making the same mistake with your health goals?

Are you still looking for the 1 hour you do not have to perfect your workout instead of making good use of the 15 mins you can start with to make progress?

Are you trying to be perfect with an 'all or nothing' diet but eventually falling off the wagon?

To achieve your health goals you need to train your mind to keep making progress without giving up.

Celebrate your small wins and focus on progress not perfection.

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Cheering you on!


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