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Can you get your body back without going to the gym?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

‘I do not have time to go to the gym, how do I achieve

fit mum
Can you get your body back without going to the gym?

my goal of getting fit?’ This is a question I get asked often.

Let me start by saying, I am not a member of a gym. True talk! I have not been for the past seven years and I have stayed in shape.

I do not have any issue with the gym, in fact I love it and have previously attended some workout classes as time permitted.

However, being a member of a gym at this point in time will not serve me because of my tight schedule. As a wife, mum, Engineer, health coach, leader in ministry and every other hat I wear, time is very precious to me and I use it wisely.

When I consider the time required to drive to the gym, do my work out and drive back, I realise it will take more time and a lot of planning (like child care) in order to meet my workout goals.

Furthermore, if you solely depend on going to the gym, and for some reason you cannot spare the time to get there, then your exercise gets cancelled for that day. When this occurs a couple of times, you lose motivation and it starts going downhill from there.

As a busy mum, you go through different phases of life and need to tweak things as you go along. However, if your main goal is to be fit, fab and healthy and you have a strong reason why, you will always be on track to meeting the goal because when your why is strong enough, your how becomes easy.

Not being a member of a gym has not hindered my health goals. I have had my workout goals met even while away from home.

I encourage you to work your way towards your health goals one small change at a time. Do not look at the 1 hour you do not have, start with the 10 or 15 minutes you have and work out from the comfort of your home or your street!

Here’s to your healthy lifestyle journey.



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