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Veggie Tales for You

What if we changed our focus to eating healthier with whole foods rather than being focused on losing weight?

What if we focused on NOURISHING our body and giving it what it needs to thrive?

I believe the biggest difference would be that you will lose the weight for good as part of a lifestyle change, not just because you went on yet another diet that you can’t maintain indefinitely.

When we focus on a healthy lifestyle, the end result will be better because you will have improved your health, improved your immune system while at the same time getting in shape! Now THAT is truly priceless!

This brings me to one key source of nutrient the body needs - Vegetables!

Do you find it challenging eating more veggies?

Are you managing to include veggies at mealtimes for a healthier you?

It could be a challenge planning and stocking up on fresh vegetables for mealtimes. I have included here a link to my video where I discussed practical ways to have vegetables in your diet and 5 easy veggies to prepare for mealtimes.

This is useful for busy mums who either want to have a healthy diet or incorporate enough veggies in their diet for weight loss. I would love to know which of them is your favourite.

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