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It is not enough to dwell on the pain of where you are now – the pain of feeling tired and worn out - but to take the next step and visualise what you really want.

To stay motivated through your weight loss journey, you need to hold the picture of the new YOU very often.

However living in a stress mode regularly hinders your ability to hold this picture and this will keep you reacting to your present pain without making progress.

What does reacting look like ?

You see an ad on the next diet plan and you immediately go for it thinking it will solve the weight problem, but you soon find out you are back to where you started.

However instead of reacting take conscious effort to create the new YOU by elevating your thinking.

When you elevate your thinking , you see what is possible, and then you stay motivated to take the right steps to achieving it.

How can you stay in an elevated state very often? How can you keep renewing your mind? Here are 2 ways below:

1. Gratitude

By thinking of just one thing you are grateful for in your life, you are functioning from a higher emotional state. It opens a whole new world of thinking for you. You begin to see the possibilities of your preferred future and you are motivated to keep taking the right action towards creating it.

You see when you trade your feeling of pain for a higher feeling of gratitude, you can create your preferred future.

2. Journaling

You have all you need inside you to be the person you want to be. However sometimes we replay too much of the past in our mind that there is no room to create the wonderful future we want.

Journaling is a way to declutter the mind.

Learning to put your thoughts down as often as you can without judgement of what people might think, clears your head of negative thoughts and gives you room to keep creating the future you want.

Are you ready for the new YOU?

To find out a step by step plan on how you can to take control of your health and wellbeing without dieting, Book your free strategy session here




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