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Escape The Rat Race

I still remember years back having a conversation with one of my daughters and she said I hate maths. It hit me hard! I'm an Engineer by profession and here my daughter is saying I hate maths. I knew I could do better to help her. My problem was not that she didn't like maths but that I knew how to teach her the mindset and strategy to get the maths done to the extent that it would look like she loved maths. But as a mum working full time, I was always on the move. The move to get to work by 7am, the move to handle all their extra activities after school, get dinner and get them ready for bed. It made me pause and think; At my old age what would give me more comfort, the time and values I invested in my kids or the work I did so diligently? I knew my answer and then I said to myself No More Rat Race and that was the beginning of my making conscious choices that would lead to being available to raise Godly thriving and confident kids. I thank God for my kids and their values in life, I thank God for the family my husband and I have nurtured. For you my friend, What does escaping the rate race mean?

For some it might mean getting enough passive income to quit their day job. While that is worth pursuing I would like to open your eyes to another angle of escaping the rat race that is within reach for all. Maximising your time to utilise it on what matters to you. Time is priceless! You might not agree with me but time is more than money, it is more valuable than money. We each have the same amount of time in a day but what brings satisfaction is what you choose to spend your time on. I want to walk you through key things to consider to escape the rat race and not follow the crowd.

1. Look at the big picture. We can all fall into the trap of chasing money that we think that money can buy everything. Can money buy your relationships, Can money buy having deep meaningful connection or Can it buy your peace of mind? Have you paused to think of how many of the rich and mighty have had a mental breakdown. Money does not shield you from life's challenges. Looking at the big picture helps you highlight what really matters to you. Imagine you are an old lady, having accomplished all, what would be the key things that would give you joy. For me my desire would be that I loved deeply and introduced my children to Christ and raised emotionally resilient and confident kids. I had to face the truth that spending all day in the office was not ideal for me cos I was not there for them before work and I was too exhausted after work. I had to get a balance and I did. Till this day I have never regretted that decision.

2. When you decide what really matters to you, don't follow the crowd. Do you. Intentionally work yourself closer to your desire. Boldly take decisions that would align with your future plan. Courageously ask for the raise, take that step, work reduced hours, make that career change or start that business or passion of yours that would make your time on earth worth it. Fulfil your purpose by following the desire God has put in you heart, It is really not that deep. The answer is within you to follow.

I've got a lot of things I'm passionate about; building healthy marriages, praying for people and helping Christian women go from tired and stressed to thriving and living on purpose. I'm so privileged that I get to do all these things. My life is full but fulfilling to me. My time is busy but busy with the right things and I thank God for that moment when I decided - No more rat race - no more following the crowd. I decided what I wanted and I consciously went for them. You might be saying Sylvia I thought you were going to tell me how to leave my job and and live the laptop lifestyle on the beach. My dear all that glitters is not Gold. I am telling you that you can have a fulfilling life that money can't buy and you can have the abundance that comes with it also. It starts by asking yourself that question my friend, What would give you fulfilment and joy to have accomplished at your old age? Start from there, act on it and watch your life flourish. And you know one last thing my friend, the money comes where your purpose is. Put differently - where there is vision there is provision. It is not about chasing the money, it is about making an impact and living your purpose, the money will come.

I was into fitness after having my third child and this led me to start a coaching business, my love for wellness led me to write a book called Automate your health - this you can find on amazon. I have a passion to transform people's wellbeing by changing the way they think and do life. I watch how my children grow and make choices and I am privileged to have taken the step to help them understand life with no judgement the way I wished that I knew it at their age. I am living my life and I want them to enjoy the good times and embrace the challenges knowing that they can do all things through Christ that gives them strength. As a Christian it is not just about taking them to church every Sunday, that won't do, that's just being religious. It's a way of life. It's pointing them to Jesus and showing them the love of the father daily, and the embrace of the holy spirit -That's the greatest gift I can give them. These kids are exposed to so much daily in school and on social media that they have to know the truth and be equipped to thrive and I love that I get to be there for them.

So for you my friend what decision are you going to take towards escaping the rat race. Remember don't follow the crowd. The answer is within you. Until next time my friend, its your host Sylvia Nwokolo reminding you to keep winning, thriving and shining. God bless.

Sylvia Nwokolo is a Wellbeing Transformation Coach and Author.

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