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Mindless Eating

Today I'm going to be talking about mindless eating because I realize that this is an area that most of us struggle with. We will be diving into ways in which we can curb mindless eating.

The first thing we should do when we realize that we're eating mindlessly is tracing back our thoughts to understand what led us to that moment. What are we thinking? Think about what you're thinking about in the moment that is analysing your thoughts at the time and tracing it back to the root cause.

It might have been something somebody said or a conversation that you had. It might have been a task that you are doing at the moment which is probably a difficult task or it is making you feel drained.

When you realize what is leading to you eating that way, that is the first step – To become aware.

The next thing you should do is to not leave the thought in your head but to call it out. What do I mean by that? Say or write what is happening.. ‘I'm upset right now because of what she said’ or ‘I just don't feel like doing this task right now cos It's just draining my energy' or 'I'm just angry that I'm misunderstood right now'.

When you call it out, that is the second step.

The next step you should take after becoming aware of the thought and calling it out, is to sit with it. Allow it to exist. Do not try to deny it.

You're just a human being having a thought, you don't have to act on every thought that you have. Allow it to just flow like a wave. It will pass, but you don't want it to take you along with it by causing you to react and bring about excess weight.

After doing these three things but you decide you still want to have a snack or have whatever you're craving, you can go ahead and have it, knowing that you have given yourself the permission to have it. This gives you better control of it. Being in control helps you curb how much you eat at that time because you are aware of what is happening but not trying to distract your thoughts with the food.

In summary, the 3 steps to curb mindless eating; Become aware of the thought; call it out by saying it or writing it in your journal; and the third step is to sit with it and allow it to exist without the pressure of acting on it. I hope this was helpful for you.

Keeping winning the battle of the mind.



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