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Did you know there is a connection between the mind and body? Of course you do!

Have you ever been at your desk working away while eating your lunch and 30 minutes later you look down and realize you’ve eaten a whole plate of food and barely remember doing so? 

With our busy lifestyles, we often eat in a hurry, don’t pay attention to the choices we make or to how much we eat.

Or maybe you’ve been engrossed in a movie and later realize you’ve consumed a whole bag of chips? 

At times like this, we may even still feel hungry because we didn’t really even realize we had eaten.

This is mindless eating - we’re all guilty of it at times! Unfortunately for some people, it’s the norm rather than the exception.

If you really want to learn to take control of your health without dieting, Mindful Eating is the key. 

Mindful eating is not about:

  • dieting

  • measuring or weighing food

  • restricting or avoiding foods

  • counting calories

  • worrying about body size or the number on the scale

Mindful eating can help with overeating by allowing you to slow down and focus more on portion sizes. It also keeps you connected to your hunger and satiety cues (when you feel full and satisfied).

Having the mindset to trust yourself and eat appropriately is so liberating and can set you up for a life time of no dieting!!

The good news is that it can be learned. This is one key step in designing a sustainable lifestyle and meeting your health goals.

I encourage you to break free from the diet mentality and trust yourself to design a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will stand the test of time.

To find out how you can do this, have a chat with me by booking your free strategy session here.

I am cheering you on!


PS: Did you have a chance to watch my 3 step technique on portion control? Here's the link to watch the video here

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