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Imagine being tired after a busy day at work and you end up overeating, feeling guilty and going to bed even more tired and frustrated.

It’s all coming back to me now! I remember the period in my life when I would get home exhausted, stuff myself with food so much that I would go into a pity party thinking about things not going as I expected. I would curl up in my bed feeling sorry for myself as I have just blown my diet plan again!

At that time, it was a usual occurrence for me most evenings after a busy day in the office. I would say to myself; ‘I have blown it so I might as well go on eating’. I applied my ‘I can do mentality’ to everything else in my life except my eating. Why? Because I thought that I couldn’t change this pattern, I felt I was broken. I thought that I had to live and cope with feeling guilty about what I ate for the rest of my life. But that was far from the truth.

You see, any restrictive diet will have a yo-yo effect. Diet mentality sets us up for failure in the long run. When you deprive your body of the nutrients it needs, it keeps track and you begin to have cravings. Once you give in to your cravings and go off the so-called diet, you lose control and reach out for any and everything on your so called ‘naughty list’ just to satisfy your cravings, and your will power is just no match. You find yourself going downhill from there and resolve to starting the diet again the next day. However, you fall prey to the same cycle of giving in to your cravings, eating everything on sight, feeling bad and going back on the diet. This is why diets don’t work long-term, not to mention the damage that can be done to your health with overly restrictive diet.

I have learnt to overcome overeating after a busy day at work, not through having a diet mentality but by becoming aware and intentional in dealing with my needs.

In my video, I discuss 3 tips on how to stop overeating after a busy day at work so that you can go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up on a high to start another beautiful day.

I am extremely glad that I have been liberated from the diet roller coaster and I live a different life now and you can too!

To your healthy lifestyle journey



PS: To find out more about how to renew your mind in order to take control of your health and wellbeing without dieting, Book your free strategy session here

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